Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Security at Colonie Center.

OK, I know I have issue's with almost everything. But today we went to Colonie Center. As we were walking in I noticed a lone travel bag next to a garbage can. So being the good person I am, I told a store clerk to call security about it. Well, since she was on the phone and was to busy to give a shit, I assume she did not call. An hour and a half later when we left the bag was still there. As luck would have it a Security Guard in their A/C comfy car was passing by. So I called out to them to tell them about. I stated that it has been their over an hour. She looks at me with deer in headlights look and mumbles about calling somebody. I do not know, but I thought the people who drive around in the car with the lights on telling you to move where the somebodies.

So it's nice to know that security at the second largest mall in our area is spot on. I know we are not worried about such acts of terror could happen in our little piece of the world, but remember we did have ( and still do) have terrorist living and trying to sell weapons in the area. Remember the sting operation of 5 years ago. What did you think they all ran away, saying "stay away from Albany. They are on to us".


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  1. lol i was security there and i think i know who your talking about... Faith is her name