Thursday, December 31, 2009

RollOver or get Tough????

Time Warner has been airing ads complaining that Fox wants to raise their rates up to 300%. this is where you can see that that say it.

Well Oddly Fox News Corp. wants to charge Time Warner Cable (TWC) $1 per subscriber for airing its broadcast station, That sounds step....( Really) .

Well guess what on TW website under the FAQ they are asked "Will our rates go up if you come to an agreement?" Their answer is........
"Not necessarily immediately, but programming costs continue to increase every year. And if we meet the demands requested by these networks, they will increase significantly. That is why we are doing everything possible to control programming costs now."

And today they announce that rates are going up buy up to 10%. WTF, you just said rates will not go up unless you pay the rate increase. Well you have not paid it, and yet you are raising my rates by up 14.00 a month.
So should we get TOUGH or ROLLOVER ?????????????????
You tell me.

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