Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wake up NY........

OK, lets see it has been over 70 days and our budget is still not done.  Yet our Politicians still have time to sit down and act like school kids fighting over who is at fault.   If they have to time and sit a throw blame they have time to work out our budget.  It's odd how the Democrats have the NY Senate vote's but yet they still can not get anything passed.  I know this is going to sound bad, but I really, really do want to the State to shut down.  Then finally the people of NY will open their eye's and show the people who say they have our best interest that they need to go.  This State is a Tax and Spend State and it will not change until someone like the Governor finally says you have to make cuts. I find it funny that the people that make our laws and what and how much things are going to cost never say" Hey I know it will hurt, I feel it also".  I mean if you are making a 6 figure salary and all the perks from the State these thing will not affect you.  But us blue collar and working class slobs who live pay check to pay check will suffer the most.  And I feel real bad for those that have to work two jobs just to get by.

New York Senators
Stop hurting the people who live here.  I mean come on, even though it was (or is ) BS the Soda Tax is a joke. I know that by forcing me to drink Diet Pepsi will help me keep my weight down and is better for me, But ooh wait that is right I weight 175 soaking wet.  So how the hell is it going to help me. But it is another way for the State to make money.  As is they want to hit smokers AGAIN.  Now we(they) know that smokers are not going to stop, just because of the price.  Yes we lose some due to the price, but us smokers are going to continue and that is what the State wants.  So now that people have gone to rolling their own, the State saw that and said hey we have another way to get more money......  Let's face it the State does not increase a tax from 48% to 98% to help people.  They want the extra cash.  I am just waiting to see a Trooper at the VT border asking to check my car to see what I bought out of State due to it's cheaper.

God it is harder and harder to say " I Love NY" everyday due to the way this state is run.

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