Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smoke up NY.....

As you know the great State of NY still does not have a budget.  I find it funny that our state and the Federal Government are both in the same position.  Both are run by a Democratic leadership, both have both houses run by democrats.  And both can not get a thing passed.   But lucky for us New Yorkers we still have a tax and spend government running us into the ground.  Lets see Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ( is the top dog that is biting all of us.  We have new taxes ( what is new), but come on Cigarettes AGAIN........   Lets see, they tell us it to cover health costs, but yet they cut health benefits every year.  So lets see by adding another $1.60 to every pack to bring just the tax to $4.35.  Yes that is over 50% of the cost is taxes. But hey we still have the Indian reservations.  OOH wait, no we don't they are going after them also to pay the tax on smokes.  And they want to raise the tax on other tobacco products — like cigars, chewing tobacco and pipe tobacco — will increase from 46 percent to 75 percent. Now lets not forget the payroll tax they want.  So where is all this money going.  Well lets see the Democrats who say they are the protectors of the working people are giving the money to the people that are NOT working.  Now I understand the need for it for some people.  But we all know the abuse in the system.  So lets throw good money after bad. 

Now the only person in Albany who deserves to keep his job in my option is Governor Paterson.  He is the only person sitting that has the ball's to say the State is broke, stop spending and wasting money.  But hey those guys and girls who make a 6 figure income and only work what 6 months out of the year, have their finger on the pulse of the people.  Can you guess what finger???  

Well that is my Bitch of the Day.  Until something else pisses me off.

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